Born and raised in New Castle County, my journey from Saint Mark’s High School to Howard University alum, and later earning a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Delaware, has been marked by constant learning and community engagement. At UD, I met my future wife, Diliana, and together we raised our two children, Gabriella and Alex, in Wilmington.

In April 2022, I announced my candidacy for New Castle County Executive. Growing up here, I was taught the value of service early on, inspired by my mother, Senator Margaret Rose Henry, who served Delaware with distinction. My commitment to our community extends beyond professional obligations; it’s woven into my very identity as a father, husband, and neighbor.

My path to public office has been profoundly shaped by personal experiences and challenges. After being confronted with a lack of adequate services for our son, Alex, who was diagnosed with autism at three years old, my wife Diliana and I were compelled to act. In 2014, we founded Brightbloom Centers, a clinical support service center offering care for children with autism. This endeavor to provide compassionate and effective support, including for our son Alex, revealed the immense impact of hope and community backing. Our efforts have since expanded to assist numerous families across Delaware and other surrounding states. It is this same spirit of service, innovation, and empathy that I intend to bring to the role of County Executive.

Over the past twenty years, my journey in public service has taken me through significant roles at both the state and county levels. My leadership style has always been collaborative and results-oriented, focusing on effecting meaningful change and inspiring community action, often working quietly but with profound impact.

In my professional journey, as the Director of Development at the Wilmington Housing Authority, I had the privilege to focus on revitalizing communities and enhancing affordable housing initiatives. My commitment to our community’s development continued as I assumed the role of General Manager of Community Services for New Castle County. In this capacity, I was instrumental in establishing three new county libraries, transforming the Hope Center into a vital refuge for the homeless, and leading numerous neighborhood revitalization projects. I also had the privilege to serve New Castle County as the Economic Development & Policy Director, where I spearheaded initiatives to boost local growth and sustainability. Overall, these endeavors reflect my enduring commitment to foster a community marked by pride, prosperity, and a profound sense of belonging.

Now, as I pursue the role of County Executive, I am eager to draw upon my various experiences and dedication to serve the diverse needs of New Castle County’s residents more directly. My history of quietly impactful leadership is the foundation upon which I plan to build a future where New Castle County is not just growing, but thriving—a future where all residents can take pride in calling this community home.