As County Executive I Will Focus On…

Public Safety

As County Executive, enhancing our county’s public safety framework remains my top priority. This initiative extends beyond strengthening our police force; it includes strengthening our emergency medical services and improving 911 call center response times. By fostering strong partnerships with all facets of public safety personnel (law enforcement, paramedics, and 911 operators) I will strive to ensure they receive the comprehensive training and funding necessary for their success.

In addition, I aim to build a robust relationship of trust between public safety officers and the citizens they serve. I am dedicated to enhancing our safety landscape by addressing job retention challenges within our County Police Department and ensuring our EMS and 911 services are equipped to meet the community’s needs promptly. Introducing incentives to retain experienced officers and recruit new talent, alongside measures to support our paramedics and improve 911 response times, are essential steps in our mission to create a secure environment for all residents.

Housing Affordability

Housing affordability is a multifaceted issue in New Castle County, affecting not only the ability of our current residents to keep their homes, but also our attractiveness to newcomers. With my background in housing development and management, I bring a wealth of experience to tackle this issue head-on as County Executive. My plan involves focusing on responsible land use and zoning policies and a commitment to address this challenge by incentivizing collaboration with the state, private sector, and local jurisdictions. My goal is to provide more housing options for the people of New Castle County, ensuring greater access to comfortable and sustainable homes.

Jobs & Business Development

Jobs are the cornerstone of our local economy. My journey as both a business owner and the former Economic Development & Policy Director for New Castle County, allowed me to lead the creation of the county’s first Strategic Economic Development Plan. As County Executive, I will be committed to nurturing an ecosystem that not only supports existing businesses but also draws new ventures to our County. The key to this vision will be a close partnership with private employers, providing them with the resources to recruit and develop local talent, crucial for fostering community prosperity.

With economic development top of mind, I aim to streamline County land use processes, making permitting more efficient and promoting a mix of commercial, mixed-use, and affordable residential development and expand the revitalization and redevelopment of properties. By enhancing collaboration with the State and local jurisdictions, we will attract new businesses through our straightforward, swift, and efficient operations. In addition, I will advocate for expanding water, sewer, and road infrastructure to not only support new business enterprises but also improve access for existing businesses within the county. The result of these various strategies is designed to cultivate a resilient, dynamic local economy where every resident has the opportunity to thrive.


As County Executive, I’ll leverage my experience as the former General Manager of Community Services to further enhance our library services, building on my history of developing new libraries to ensure their continued success and growth. I am dedicated to ensuring our libraries serve as vibrant centers for innovation, learning, and community engagement. In response to valuable feedback, I will also prioritize promoting accessibility within our libraries, making certain that our services reach every demographic of our population, ensuring inclusivity and equal access for all community members.

Parks & Recreation

Another important focus of mine will be to elevate our parks and recreational areas, ensuring they are not only well-maintained but also welcoming spaces for community engagement. It’s vital to me that these areas serve both the active and passive recreational needs of our community, from green spaces where families and children can relax and play, to trails for biking and walking that promote a healthy, active lifestyle. My vision also includes a commitment to improving park maintenance and preserving open spaces, reinforcing their natural beauty. By actively collaborating with community members, I aim to pinpoint and address important needs of these spaces, ensuring our parks cater to the diverse needs of adults, families, and anyone drawn to nature and the outdoors.

Youth & Senior Programming

Our youth and seniors deserve the very best. Drawing from my experience as the former General Manager of the New Castle County Department of Community Services, I’ve seen firsthand the significant impact government programs can have on these vital groups. I’m committed to not only safeguarding but also broadening our youth and senior programs. We’ll actively engage with the people these programs are designed to serve by organizing listening sessions with both youth and senior groups, ensuring their direct involvement in our planning process.

I also recognize the challenges many seniors face in maintaining affordable housing. It’s essential that we develop solutions that allow seniors to comfortably age in place or find suitable, affordable alternatives when staying in their homes isn’t feasible. My administration will work to enhance housing affordability for seniors, creating incentives and improving accessibility so that our elderly population can live with dignity and feel security in their own community.